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  • Local MMA , Jiujitsu BJJ

    There are many Brazilian jujitsu gyms and the area why pick us. We have detailed lesson plans with With set standard for testing in ranking that helps each student progress at a faster rate then our competitors we also cross train with a variation of other schools we are also the only Carlos machado Affiliated gym in the area. We know where our black belt instructors come from and who produced them. ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts

    Kids Martial Arts

    its a wonderful spring day let get kids back outside and fit and healthy! At Storm MMA &FITNESS We Do Care! ....

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  • Affiliation Weekend Training

    M HAVE YOU REGISTERED YET⁉️ REGISTER HERE ➡️ April 8-11 is the next AMAZING CMJJ affiliate training weekend and we want YOU there. The always phenomenal instruction & training with Master Carlos Machado will be accompanied by training sessions by CMJJ Black Belt instructors’ covering competition training, judo, wrestling & self defense tactics PLUS Friday & Saturday we have an amazing lineup of business heavy weights to help you improve the performance of your school! This AMAZING event will include a Rashguard with registration before 3-28-21 AND save $$$ by registering early! REGISTER HERE ➡️ ....

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  • Martial arts vs Muythai vs Jujitsu

    Martial arts vs Muythai vs Jujitsu

    Any type of martial arts is always a journey. The best thing to do is to sit down and figure out your personal goals Rather it be fitness self defense confidence or fellowship or a hobby. ....

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  • How Group Fitness Can Inspire You To Mma

    How Group Fitness Can Inspire You To Mma

    At storm MMA and fitness We have had the pleasure of training multiple students and everyone in between from fitness and health including weight loss and basic rehabilitation to Pro fighters who change their personal goals after starting with us even late until their mid forties. ....

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  • Open mat what is it?

    Open mat what is it?

    So you're probably asking the question what is open mat it refers to most combat martial arts like Muythai Brazilian jujitsu karate catch wrestling kick boxing and wrestling. It means a sparring session Without a traditional class sometimes with or without lessons. Most traditional gyms will have them to help competitors get ready for competition or a make up class. ....

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  • Are you still wasting money on Martial arts (without anything to show for it)?

    At storm mma & fitness We specialize in structured step-by-step processes and goal setting for each individual student. Who is tested every class By physically sparring. There are so many fake martial arts out there who don't produce real life Self defense practices or knowledge. Our students and instructors are Proven in N out of our Academy. With multiple competitions certified fights And licensed boxing through the state Texas. ....

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  • Black Belt Certified instructors

    There are multiple kinds of black belt instructors from karate to Brazilian jiu jitsu. The main difference is time put in in physical sparring and training. I've met multiple black belts over the years who are self promoted to the Rank of black belt In karate like martial arts. Don't get me wrong mixed martial arts has Its place like aikido. But these days it's bringing a lot of false confidence to adults in teens who believe their magic powers can Stop a adult male Or can dominate a fight By using a pressure point or Kick in the shin. If these martial arts were truly effective they would be in the UFC Or picked up by the military For army combative like Brazilian jujitsu. Brazilian ....

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